Thursday, July 5, 2007

1025. Motorcycle spoke wrench:

1026. VOR (VHF Omni-directional Radio Range) aircraft navigation station with automatic weather reporting system; this site explains how they work.

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1027. Stanley Number 57 core box plane:

Used to cut a semi-circular channel in two pices of wood to make a core box, which is used to make cylindrical sand cores.

A core is a compact body of sand that can be placed in a sand mold for casting to create a void or hole that would be difficult or impossible to achieve using only a pattern.

Cylindrical cores are frequently needed to create the void or hole in casting for a large bearing, pulley or gear, or for the cylinder of a pump or engine.

A close-up of the blade that sticks out of the bottom:

From John Wells' collection

1028. Orrery was the answer that I was looking for, though this one is referred to as a "grand orrery" because of its size, it was made in London by Thomas Heath in 1740.

1029. Cable grip for pulling cable through conduit, patent number 3,166,810, there are some good drawings of it in use on the patent page.

There are a total of eight holes on the side, each of which has a 3/4" long screw.

1030. Chicago Fire Arms Co. Protector Palm Pistol, 7 shot, .32 caliber:

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From the top of the box:

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